Easy billing for district heating and cooling

As a heat supplier, you are responsible for managing a thermal distribution grid, taking care of customer service, and handling meter-to-cash processes. Your goal is to offer top-notch customer satisfaction and reliability at a reasonable cost. As we know this can be challenging, we support you with a flexible solution that is easy to implement and use.

District heating and cooling

We are not just another software company

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Created with a clear vision

With extensive experience in energy billing, we have a clear understanding of your challenges. This ensures 100% fit for purpose meter-to-cash solutions.

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Run by Experts

We prove the power of our solution by using our own software in house. This guarantees that we develop the exact product heating and cooling suppliers need.

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Just Easy

We make complex meter-to-cash processes easy to implement and use.

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Predictable all-in pricing

No surprises. Pay as you use our standard solution – including infrastructure, software, development, support, and legislation compliance.

All this with a Robust Security Backbone

With its ISO 27001 certified back-office, the Zero Friction platform offers a strong foundation of security for your peace of mind.

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Some of our promoters

We're all about creating solutions and experiences that turn every customer into a promoter.

"Zero Friction provides us with a reliable back office and a user-friendly platform. The digital and automated processes ensure professional operations."

Linthorst Energy, Gertjan Linthorst
Financial Director
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“Zero Friction is a young, enthusiastic company with a passionate team and a clear vision of the market. All with the intention of doing things just a little differently and just a little better than other players in the market.”

Wellsius, Denis Slieker
General Manager
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"A new software package requires a lot of energy. Partly due to the quick and knowledgeable expertise of Zero Friction's staff, the implementation went fine. With this package, we are ready to provide our customers with even better information."

An employee from the Front Office Team at Jord
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“The Zero Friction software gives us business security and stability in many areas. We save at least 1 FTE internally because the incoming data is automatically processed into invoices.”

Luminus, Eric Perdu
Senior Commercial Manager
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Say goodbye to frustrations!

Boost your business efficiency with delivering reliable billing and top-notch customer service.

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Quick answers to common questions

What are the main benefits for me as a bigger heat supplier to switch from my current platform to Zero Friction?

There are several benefits but the two main benefits are reduction of your cost to serve and increase of customer satisfaction. Therefore we have proven references based on our 80+ happy customers. Some of our reference cases can be found here:

I am a heat supplier with more then 100.000 connections. Can Zero Friction support me as well?

Yes, for sure. Zero Friction platform can handle high number of heat connections without problems. The Zero Friction team has extensive experience in handling larger scale projects and we work together with the customer on defining the IT landscape, the transition and project plan beforehand. We are also happy to work together with your local IT department or with your own IT solutions partner as well.

I am a very small district heating company. Can I also make use of the Zero Friction platform?

Yes, of course. Our smallest customer has 12 heat connections. Regardless of size, all customers have access to all functionalities from the beginning. Customers only pay a monthly fee based on the number of connections.