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Wellsius is a heat supplier, dedicated to providing heating and cooling solutions for both residential and commercial properties. As part of a larger group that includes Bron-Technologie and Nordic Energy Solutions, Wellsius is committed to not only the technical solution, but also customer administration, customer service and financing. Their mission is to provide reliable, affordable and sustainable heating and cooling for a fossil-free future.

Denis Slieker: “Zero Friction is a young, enthusiastic company with a passionate team and a clear vision of the market. All with the intention of doing things just a little differently and just a little better than other players in the market.”
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In this business case Denis Slieker (General Manager) and Francis Arkes (Financial Director) testify about how the growth of Wellsius made them look for a new digital tool to invoice their customers. They chose Zero Friction because the SaaS platform allowed them to stay close to their customers.

Francis Arkes: “The most important thing was Zero Friction’s willingness to think along with us.

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