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By focusing on renewable energy sources, efficiency and reduced emissions, Linthorst Energy aims to be a forerunner in green solutions. The goal is to accelerate the transition to more sustainable energy and realize a positive impact on the environment. Linthorst offers innovative heating and cooling solutions that both increase living and working comfort and reduce ecological impact. A crucial step towards a greener future.

Gertjan Linthorst, Linthorst Energy: "Zero Friction provides us with a reliable back office and a user-friendly platform. The digital and automated processes ensure professional operations.
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Linthorst Energy is a new Dutch heat supplier that focuses on sustainable energy systems for existing and new building. They are well know for there patented heat pump technology. As part of Linthorst World – Linthorst Energie – is an important contributor for the Dutch heating transition program.The high temperature heat pump is the heart of the Linthorst technology.

In addition, ‘Linthorst Energy’ takes care of the operation and billing of residential units connected to their installations. To provide their customers with reliable and efficient billing, they chose the Zero Friction platform. According to Karlijn Wisse, Director of Linthorst Energy, the digital Zero Friction solution perfectly meets their needs.Thanks to the customer portal, customers will have more insight into their consumption, costs and invoices.

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