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We prove the power of our solution by using our own software in house. This guarantees that we develop the exact product heating and cooling suppliers need. We make complex meter-to-cash processes easy to implement and use.

Measurement & Consumption Data

The Zero Friction platform seamlessly integrates with the meter hardware of your choice through API, (S)FTP, or email. We process the measurement data, instantly converting it into consumption data, and then associate it with the correct address. Utilize the user-friendly dashboard to access individual consumption figures or total consumption per building at any time.

Any missing or erroneous measurements are promptly detected and identified. The Zero Friction platform guides you through the resolution process, ensuring a quick resolution of issues to prevent mistakes in the invoicing process.

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Billing serves as the beating heart of the Zero Friction platform, offering two primary methods for energy invoicing:

- Invoicing based on fixed or consumption-related rates.
- Invoicing based on cost distribution.

Once you've configured the default template, the Zero Friction platform is ready to send out invoices via email, directly from the platform. Maintain control through comprehensive billed and unbilled reports. Unbilled reports help users address issues promptly, ensuring a 100% billed report. Keep your accounting system up to date with the default revenue exports.

Don't want all the hassle that comes with sending out physical invoices? We have our own postal mail module.

Payment Process

If desired, the Zero Friction platform can also streamline reliable payment follow-up. We support the processing of automatic payments (AI, direct debit, reversals) as well as manual transfers. In order to encourage a faster payment, Zero Friction supports QR codes or payment links directly on the invoice.

Payment reminders and demands are automatically sent, linked to pre-set deadlines. You always have a clear overview of aging report per customer and all the outstanding invoices.

We integrate with your bank and accounting software to make payment processes even more efficient. Check out the options!

Contract & product management

As a heat supplier, you have a contractual agreement with your customer. This contract includes one or more costs that the meter uses for the billing process. Products may have fixed costs or variable costs based on the consumed energy.

Customer Management

Like any company, it all begins with the customer. Zero Friction Customer Management maintains all essential customer information, providing a comprehensive overview on one centralized dashboard. No worries if you already use a Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Zero Friction easily connects to it.

Want to micro-manage your customer interactions? No worries, we have all the integrations you need to get and give all the information needed.

Customer Portal - Integrated - Clients - Communicaiton - multiple languages

Customer portal

With the Zero Friction end-user application, customers gain online insights into their energy usage and invoices. Customer interaction is designed to be as low-threshold as possible, and processing online relocations is straightforward and smooth. All information is stored in a secure back-office application.

Thanks to the customer portal, end users are more aware of their energy consumption. It insures your compliance with the legal European obligation to provide monthly information about consumption and costs.

The customer portal can be purchased separately from our invoicing solution. It can easily be integrated into your business software using standard APIs.

Say goodbye to frustrations!

Boost your business efficiency with delivering reliable billing and top-notch customer service.


Quick answers to common questions

Which different ways of billing does Zero Friction offer as a standard?

We support credit billing, cost allocations, and Pay-as-you-go billing principles from within the platform. Additionally, we offer the possibility to bill for services such as heat pump rentals or other fixed amount service costs. We provide flexibility with monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly billing periods. Users can configure product and tariff structures themselves without requiring intervention from the Zero Friction team.

Which frequency of metering data can Zero Friction handle?

Zero Friction supports as standard hourly metering data.

Is the end customer portal optional?

The end customer portal is also available as a SaaS solution and is optional. Additionally, we can easily integrate with your existing end customer portal.

Does ZF support local language and currency?

Yes, Zero Friction has no limitations in supporting any local language and/or currency of choice.