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With extensive experience in the energy billing software market, we get the importance of easy to use software for district heating and communal heating. With a vision on bringing affordable, reliable and sustainable energy to everyone, we developed a 100% fit for purpose solution. Zero Friction aims to be the go-to billing platform that brings comfort and trust to the heating and cooling market.


Easy to implement and use

We make complex meter-to-cash processes easy to implement and use.

measurement consumption data

& Consumption Data

Imported measurement data is validated to ensure the quality of the invoices, resulting in insightful reports on both individual and project consumption data.



Maintain control through billed and unbilled reports. Unbilled reports help users address issues promptly, ensuring a 100% billed report. Easily send out invoices using our default templates.

Payment process

Payment Process

We support both automatic and manual payments, send automated reminders with preset deadlines, and provide a clear overview of customer aging along with outstanding invoices.

contract product management

Contract & Product Management

Contracts consist of one or more costs that are utilized in the meter-to-cash process. Products can have either fixed costs or variable costs based on consumed energy. Set them up at any time.

customer management

Customer Management

As with any company, it all starts with the customer. Easily manage all essential customer information, obtain a clear overview, and easily connect with any CRM system.

customer portal

Customer Portal

With the self-service portal, users can easily manage their moves, explore consumption patterns, access invoices, and adjust advance amounts—all in a few simple steps.

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Boost your business efficiency with delivering reliable billing and top-notch customer service.

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Quick answers to common questions

What makes Zero Friction different from other software packages?

We make the difference on several areas. We 100% focus on the heating & cooling market on one hand. We offer a 100% SaaS platform where we set the reference towards the whole market in order to scale and standardize processes in the most optimal way. And last but not least, we make things very easy, easy to buy, easy to implement and easy to use. Like this we work day in and day out towards a more sustainable future where affordable energy is available for everyone.

I am a very small district heating company. Can I also make use of the Zero Friction platform?

Yes, ofcource. Our smallest customer has 12 heat connections. Regardless of size, all customers have access to all functionalities from the beginning. Customers only pay a monthly fee based on the number of connections.

As a multi-owner property manager (VVE/VME), can I also use the platform?

Yes, both building managers and heat suppliers can make use of our platform or service.