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At Jord, they aim to provide clean, fossil-free heating and cooling. Affordable, maintenance-free and worry-free. They do this with heat from the ground or from outside air. Efficient, modular technology and a highly professional, nationwide service team. 'Jord' means 'earth' and for good reason. Because that's what they do it for. A cleaner planet for our children.

An employee from the Front Office Team at Jord shares his experience:"A new software package requires a lot of energy. Partly due to the quick and knowledgeable expertise of Zero Friction's staff, the implementation went fine. With this package, we are ready to provide our customers with even better information.
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"After thorough market research, Jord quickly came across Zero Friction. In the world of software suppliers for heating companies, he noticed that many of their fellow heat suppliers had made the switch to Zero Friction. The deciding factor was Zero Friction's impressive customer portfolio and their pioneering role in developing billing systems for heat suppliers."

For Jord, a number of functionalities were decisive in their choice of the right billing system:

🌟 The user-friendliness of the system

🌟 An easy overview of tasks to be completed

🌟 An easily accessible support team and clear manuals

🌟 A clear customer portal for the heat customer

🌟 Reports that can be used for reporting (ACM)

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