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Customer Insights: How can transparency increase customer satisfaction in the heating and cooling sector?

The efforts towards a smooth heat transition bring big changes. For heating and cooling suppliers, finding the right balance in sharing information and thereby creating trust and support remains a struggle. In this context, Zero Friction met up with 15 clients from Belgium and the Netherlands to exchange experiences. How can heating and cooling suppliers address these transparency challenges and strive for a positive customer experience?


Zero Friction Power-up

After 5 years of shaking up the heating and cooling industry, we felt it was time to heat things up even more. That’s why we blew new life into our company values, mission, vision and brand story. This resulted in a brand new website, updated sales materials, and new Friction Fighter team pictures.


Zero Friction partners up with Go Forest

We're planting trees for our change-making customers! Dive into the Zero Friction dashboard. See the impact we're making together with our customers.


5 years Zero Friction

Our 5 year anniversary party was like winning a jackpot. Every moment was a winning hand, and we owe that to the incredible community that's been with us from the start.


How to improve end customer experience to accelerate the heating transition

The social acceptance of the heating transition is vital to make it successful. Digital transformation with a focus on end customer experience is known to be a critical success factor in the heating transition.


We are now iso 27001 certified

By 2050, at the latest, we need to de-carbonise our energy to achieve the climate goals. Making heat sustainable is one of the big challenges in the energytransition.

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