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Integration Kamstrup metering with Zero Friction billing platform for heating and cooling

Integrate Kamstrup's advanced metering systems with Zero Friction's billing platform to streamline heating and cooling metering. This integration ensures accurate data collection and efficient billing, enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.


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What is this integration?

Kamstrup is a world-leading manufacturer of system solutions for smart energy and water metering. It provides intelligent metering solutions for utilities and submetering across electricity, water, heat energy, and cooling sectors. Zero Friction leverages Kamstrup's advanced metering technology to collect meter readings and consumption data, streamlining the Meter-to-Cash process for utilities and service providers. This integration ensures accurate data collection and efficient billing, enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Why is this integration a match with Zero Friction?

  • Accuracy and reliability: Kamstrup meters are renowned for their precision and reliability, ensuring that the data collected is accurate and dependable. This aligns perfectly with Zero Friction's commitment to providing reliable billing services.
  • Efficiency: The integration automates the collection and processing of meter data, reducing manual intervention and minimizing errors. This enhances the overall efficiency of the Meter-to-Cash cycle.
  • Flexibility: Zero Friction’s platform is designed to be flexible and adaptable, allowing for customized configurations to meet the specific needs of different utilities and service providers. This flexibility extends to the integration with Kamstrup meters, ensuring seamless operation across various scenarios.
  • Cost-effective: By integrating Kamstrup metering with Zero Friction, utilities can optimize their operations, reduce costs associated with manual data collection, and improve the accuracy of billing, leading to better financial outcomes.

How does the integration work?

The integration process is straightforward and designed for ease of use:

  1. Configuration: Within the Zero Friction Ready platform, a predefined .csv template is available. This template can be selected or customized according to the specific requirements of the utility or service provider.
  2. Data collection: Kamstrup meters collect data on energy and water consumption. This data includes meter readings and consumption metrics which are crucial for accurate billing.
  3. Data transfer: The collected data is formatted into the predefined .csv template. This file is then securely sent via email on a daily basis to the designated recipients or directly to the Zero Friction billing system.
  4. Data processing: Upon receipt, the data is automatically processed by the Zero Friction platform, updating customer accounts and generating accurate billing information based on the latest meter readings.
  5. Billing and reporting: The processed data is used to generate detailed bills for customers, reflecting their actual usage. Additionally, comprehensive reports can be generated for internal analysis and customer communication.

This integration ensures a smooth and efficient workflow from data collection to billing, enhancing the overall efficiency of utility management and improving customer satisfaction. With Kamstrup's advanced metering solutions and Zero Friction's robust billing platform, utilities can achieve greater accuracy, efficiency, and reliability in their operations.

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