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Integration Siemens metering with Zero Friction billing platform for heating and cooling

In today's rapidly evolving energy landscape, precise metering and efficient billing are paramount for optimizing energy consumption in both residential and commercial properties. Siemens, a global leader in metering technology, partners with Zero Friction to streamline the billing process for heating and cooling solutions.


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What is this integration?

Meters from Siemens provide precise acquisition and allocation of the energy consumption of heating, cooling, and radiators in office buildings and residential areas. Zero Friction is Siemens' preferred customer care and billing partner, ensuring seamless integration of Siemens metering data with advanced billing solutions.

Why is this integration a match with Zero Friction?

Zero Friction's robust billing platform complements Siemens' state-of-the-art metering technology by offering:

  • Accurate billing: Leveraging precise data from Siemens meters to generate accurate and transparent billing for heating and cooling consumption.
  • Efficiency: Automating the data collection and billing process, reducing manual errors, and improving overall efficiency.
  • Customer satisfaction: Providing end-users with clear, detailed billing information, enhancing customer trust and satisfaction.
  • Scalability: Supporting various building types and sizes, from small residential complexes to large commercial properties.

How does the integration work?

Zero Friction supports multiple versions of Siemens' metering systems, including Synergir BIS Gen 1/2 and Synergir BIS Gen 3, and soon, Generation 4. Here's how the integration process works:

  1. Data collection: Siemens meters collect energy consumption data for heating and cooling systems.
  2. Data transfer: The collected data is formatted into .csv files and sent daily via email through the Siemens Synco IC platform.
  3. Data integration: Zero Friction's billing platform automatically imports the .csv files, processes the data, and integrates it into the billing system.
  4. Billing generation: Accurate and detailed billing statements are generated based on the imported data, ready to be reviewed and sent to end-users.

By combining Siemens' precision metering with Zero Friction's innovative billing solutions, this integration ensures a seamless, efficient, and accurate energy management experience for both providers and consumers.

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