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Integration Freshdesk customer service management with Zero Friction billing platform for heating and cooling

In the competitive world of heating and cooling services, providing exceptional customer support is key. To achieve this, seamless integration between your customer service management and billing platforms is crucial. This is where the integration between Freshdesk and Zero Friction comes into play.


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What is this integration?

Freshdesk lets you streamline your company's customer support and helps you to efficiently manage your customers as you scale. But when support tickets refer to a specific heat bill or serviced location, how can you provide your support team the information they need to answer those tickets?

With Zero Friction, your support team will have the relevant customer, invoice, and location information available within Freshdesk. Your first-line support team will be able to solve support tickets faster and without the help of second-line colleagues diving into Zero Friction.

Key features:

  • Integrated customer database
  • Automatic phone number and email address recognition
  • Display relevant information directly in Freshdesk
  • Click through to Zero Friction to get more details

Why is this integration a match with Zero Friction?

Zero Friction’s billing platform is designed for companies in the heating and cooling industry, where detailed customer and service information is essential for resolving issues quickly and effectively. Integrating this platform with Freshdesk, a robust customer service management tool, allows for:

  • Immediate access to customer billing and service data within support tickets
  • Enhanced efficiency for support teams by reducing the need for multiple systems
  • Improved customer satisfaction through faster resolution times

By providing critical information at the fingertips of your support agents, this integration ensures that customer issues are handled promptly and accurately.

How does the integration work?

Freshdesk, part of Freshworks, is a SaaS customer service/contact center solution used by some of our customers. The integration between Zero Friction and Freshdesk is also available in the Freshdesk marketplace. To use this, the appropriate SKU needs to be ordered at Zero Friction.

Through automatic phone number and email recognition, a user of Freshdesk can view detailed information about a customer, such as: name, number, balance, (outstanding) invoices, the service location, provided services, meter serial numbers, and much more. This can be useful for a customer agent when they are in direct contact with this customer. This way, the customer agent does not need to open the billing platform and is immediately provided with important information about that customer within Freshdesk itself.

In Freshdesk, a possibility is provided to click through to the detail page of the customer in the billing platform. This way, if the agent wants to thoroughly investigate or adjust the situation, they no longer need to search for the customer in Zero Friction.

Say goodbye to frustrations!

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