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Integration Fortes metering with Zero Friction billing platform for heating and cooling

This integration enables seamless data transfer between Fortes' advanced metering systems and the Zero Friction billing platform, providing efficient and accurate billing solutions for heating and cooling services.


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What is this integration?

This integration bridges Fortes Energy Systems' expertise in collective heat and cold networks with Zero Friction's advanced billing solutions. Fortes Energy Systems leverages decades of experience to offer comprehensive technical support from energy production to consumption, ensuring optimal temperature, pressure, and quantity delivery to end customers. By partnering with Fortes, Zero Friction delivers an end-to-end solution for metering and billing that is both reliable and efficient.

Why is this integration a match with Zero Friction?

Zero Friction's billing platform is designed to handle the complexities of heating and cooling services, making it an ideal match for Fortes' metering solutions. This integration ensures that metering data is accurately collected and seamlessly transferred to the billing system, resulting in:

  • Enhanced accuracy: Real-time data collection and transfer minimize errors in billing, ensuring customers are charged accurately based on their actual energy consumption.
  • Efficiency: Automated data transfer reduces manual intervention, saving time and resources.
  • Customer satisfaction: Transparent and precise billing improves customer trust and satisfaction.
  • Scalability: The integration can handle various scales of operations, from small residential networks to large industrial setups.

How does the integration work?

Fortes Energy Systems utilizes the Mercurius platform to collect metering data. This integration leverages an API connection that enables the transfer of metering data to Zero Friction's billing platform on an hourly basis. Here's a step-by-step overview of the process:

  1. Data collection: Fortes' metering devices gather data on energy consumption, including temperature, pressure, and quantity.
  2. Mercurius platform: The collected data is transmitted to Fortes' Mercurius platform, where it is aggregated and processed.
  3. API connection: An API connection between the Mercurius platform and Zero Friction's billing system is established to facilitate data transfer.
  4. Data transfer: Metering data is transferred from the Mercurius platform to Zero Friction's billing platform on an hourly basis, ensuring timely and accurate data updates.
  5. Billing processing: Zero Friction's billing platform processes the received data to generate accurate bills for end customers.
  6. Customer access: Customers can access their billing information through the Zero Friction platform, providing transparency and detailed insights into their energy usage.

This integration ensures that metering data from Fortes is efficiently utilized within Zero Friction's billing platform, providing a streamlined and effective solution for heating and cooling services.

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