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Integration Elvaco metering with Zero Friction billing platform for heating and cooling

Integrating advanced metering solutions is key to efficient energy management and billing. This guide details how Zero Friction integrates with Elvaco metering solutions to provide seamless, automated billing for heating and cooling services.


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What is this integration?

Elvaco is a complete supplier of products and services for remote meter reading, sub-metering and indoor climate control. Zero Friction works with Elveaco and its partners (Such as E-company in the BENELUX) to delivery end – to end meter to cash solutions.

Why is this integration a match with Zero Friction?

  • Seamless data collection: Elvaco's robust metering devices ensure accurate and consistent data collection, which is essential for reliable billing. The data collected by Elvaco is easily integrated into Zero Friction's platform, ensuring a smooth transition from meter reading to billing.
  • End-to-end solution: This integration provides a comprehensive solution that covers the entire process from metering to cash collection. Users benefit from a unified system that reduces the need for manual intervention and minimizes errors.
  • Efficiency and accuracy: By automating the data transfer and billing process, this integration enhances efficiency and accuracy. Users can rely on timely and precise billing, improving customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

How does the integration work?

Elvaco offers a datalogger to collect metering data, which is directly integrated into Zero Friction's billing platform. The integration process involves the following steps:

  1. Data collection: The Elvaco datalogger gathers metering data from various points for monitoring and billing.
  2. Data transfer: The datalogger compiles the collected data into .csv files and sends them via email daily for timely updates.
  3. Data formats: Zero Friction supports Elvaco's standard data formats, 1104 and 1112, for easy integration of the metering data into the billing platform.
  4. Automated billing: Zero Friction processes the .csv data to generate accurate billing statements, reducing manual workload and enhancing billing accuracy.

By integrating Elvaco's data collection with Zero Friction's billing system using .csv files, users can efficiently manage heating and cooling services.

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