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AW Pro is a young dynamic organization whose goal is to provide professional and quality support to seniors within their assisted living facilities. The organization guarantees a personal approach where everyone feels at home.

"With our old systems, where we process invoicing manually, we need 2 to 3 days for cost allocation and invoicing. With Zero Friction, we manage this in just a few hours and also reduce the risk of manual errors."
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AW Pro manages assisted living facilities in a professional and qualitative manner. They guarantee a personal approach where each resident feels at home. Besides the personal contact, they are committed to digitize and make their buildings more sustainable.

AW Pro is fully engaged in optimizing their collective heating systems. They are systematically replacing all their heat meters to smart meters and want to offer residents more insights and transparency into their heat consumption and costs.

Zero Friction was proposed by the installation company Ecompany to settle the heat consumption for a first project ‘Hof ter Clipsen’.

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