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Since 1958, Luminus has been using the heat energy from the Ham power plant in Ghent in a sustainable manner. Thanks to their heat network, the AZ Sint-Lucas hospital, 950 houses and flats, the Van Eyck swimming pool, the Ugent buildings and a shopping centre are supplied with collective heat. The hot water from the Luminus plant is produced by high quality CHP engines (combined heat and power). In addition to hot water, these machines also produce electricity.

Eric Perdu, Senior Commercial Manager: “Thanks to Zero Friction we can rest easy. Their software gives us business security and stability in many areas. We save at least 1 FTE internally because the incoming data is automatically processed into invoices. Moreover, thanks to the built-in data checks we are sure that all invoices are sent on time and correctly."
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Since September 2020, Luminus has been gradually migrating all connections, project by project, to the Zero Friction platform. Luminus started with a pilot project at Zero Friction to test whether the platform meets all technical requirements. After a few months, Luminus finally trusted Zero Friction to handle the settlement of the collective systems via our billing platform.Luminus does not work with advance payments for residents but provides monthly statements based on actual consumption. We built a link with their SAP system to connect the accounting package to our software. According to Eric Perdu, Senior Commercial Manager at Luminus, a partnership with Zero Friction was the best choice for an efficient and stable business operation.

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