Webinar: Operating DHC is more than just engineering

Did you know that buildings are collectively responsible for as much as 42% of energy consumption, of which 80% is used for heating and cooling? Heat suppliers and building managers are the key figures who can achieve complete decarbonization of buildings and homes by 2050.‍

Although the focus in the sector often lies on the engineering aspect of heating and cooling networks, it is essential to also adequately highlight operational processes. Processes such as meter data validation, cost allocation, consumption data processing, invoicing, payment follow-up, and especially customer communication have a significant impact on the support and positive image of heat suppliers.

Discover during this webinar how heat suppliers can successfully operate a heat network by focusing on the best meter-to-cash processes, based on our experience with more than 80 different heat suppliers. We share practical insights and concrete cases from our Zero Friction platform and customer portal. Discover how you too can contribute to a more sustainable future!

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